Not just another Recruitment Agency.

We do what we promise. And boy we do overpromise. But hey, we overdeliver all the time. We do not accept every assignment though, we only do that we what we are specialised in, this makes us unique and trustworthy towards our clients.

Whether you are looking for Sales, Customer Service or Technical Support professionals with Nordic, German or Dutch language skills or IT professionals in Java development, .NET or C+, that’s what we do. From entry level to senior leadership roles.

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Talent search limited to needs.

Most our clients are based in Ireland, UK, Gibraltar, Dubai, Cyprus and Malta. These are multinationals who are always on the lookout for great talent with Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, German or Dutch language skills.

We know how difficult it is to find these talented individuals who are willing to relocate to a foreign country and start a new career. We also know that it is important that our candidates are prepared, thoughtful and well planned. We want them to stay.

We do what we promise. Just a little more.

We work hard to be a valuable extension to your HR Department. Companies as Deutsche Bank, Rolls Royce, General Motors and many more contacting us ongoing for their recruitment needs. They experienced our uniqueness and stay with us.

We know that many companies working with a Preferred Supplier List, however, once they start doing business with us, the game changes. We are the real deal. Forget your PSL and contact us.


We say 100 times no before we say yes!

Our founder, Martinus van Horck, runs next to VH Recruitment a successful Social Media Marketing Agency. Thanks to this, our global exposure is enormous. Therefore we receive hundreds of CV’s for each and every job we post.

We will never overload your HR and recruitment department with CV’s and hope for the best. We are not in for the “quick bucks”, we like to establish a long relationship. We love to be involved in your recruitment plans and help you create a valuable hiring strategy.

We offer more than just qualified candidates.

Successful candidates often need to move quickly to start their new job in a new country. Our goal is that these candidates are ready and prepared to start at day one without concerns. Nothing is more frustrating than candidates who are worrying. Open a bank account, finding a place to stay, register for tax and health care. We help making the move as easy as possible


It’s time to contact us

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